June 22 – August 18, 2020

Margarete Roeder Gallery was founded in 1986. The gallery exhibits works by established, mid-career, and emerging American and European artists in all media. Other areas of specialization include installations, minimal and conceptual works. The gallery also represents the Estates of John Cage and Merce Cunningham.

In the wild 80’s this tough cologne girl opened her gallery on Broadway in Soho. Exactly there, where the art scene and avant-garde galleries settled at that time. It is one of the few galleries that did not move to Chelsea in the 1990s. She has remained true to herself and her location in SoHo until today.

At art fairs as well as in her gallery she presents the works of the Cologne based painter Michael Toenges. For Michael Toenges (born 1952) paint is an actual material with volume and density. His brush and spatula leave furrows, valleys, and ridges, and yet: despite the heaviness of the paint materials, the beholder gets a sense of a flying, floating dynamics. The massive brushstrokes reveal verve and energy, they strive towards the edge, they want to go beyond the painting, and the colours are light. Heavy does not have to be heavy.

EYES ONLY is especially pleased to welcome two from Cologne, who are visible and at home in New York.

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