February 22 – May 10, 2019“Enter Garland”, 2019
Insulated pipes, wires, advertising banner, mirror ball motor
Available in variable dimensions

In this specific work for EYES ONLY the viewers are looking from a static position and the sculpture presents itself twirling. The topography of the display is upside down: the work is anchored in the ceiling, the base is a mirror ball motor. To display literally means to unfold. In the case of “Enter Garland” though, we sense that the logic of presentation has a stronger link to the dynamics of loops and entanglement along circular motion and hypnotic graphics. A modus operandi linking to the repetitive, voluptuous logic of ornamentation, decoration, ephemera and garlands i.e. shifting surfaces and forms that keep folding, without beginning or end, like a space with no horizon.Nanna Abell (*1985) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2007-2013. As supplements she has studied psychotherapy at Vedfelt Institute (DK) and olfactory science at Joya Perfume Studio (US). Her work has been shown in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions including Aros (DK), SALTS (CH), Wiesen Kunstverein (DE). Nanna Abell is represented in the public collection of Horsens Kunstmuseum and the Danish Art Council.

Recent solo exhibitions include Ripe at Primer (2018) and PERMA RED PLAYER at Galleri Susanne Ottesen (2018).

Galleri Susanne Ottesen

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